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recensio.regio is an Open Access platform developed by the Bavarian State Library as part of its specialized information service for history. The aim of the platform is to make reviews on regional historical publications permanently available without any barriers and free of charge. All reviews can be filtered and are easy to find due to extensive subject indexing and information classification regarding topic, region and time.

Not only researchers and students can benefit from this, but also the editorial teams of cooperating journals who can increase the visibility of their review sections by publishing them online on recensio.regio. They can join recensio.regio free of charge. It is irrelevant whether the reviews are already accessible online or available in print (or both, in a »hybrid« format). All journals represented on the platform are based in German-speaking countries. A full list of all journals can be found under reviews.

recensio.regio emerged from the platform, which has been in existence since 2011 and also publishes reviews of historical publications in open access., however, has more of a focus on Europe as a whole, which made it difficult in the past to provide appropriate space for regional historical perspectives on the platform. With recensio.regio, a service for regional history with a specific profile now exists, taking into account the specific needs of the regional historical community. At the same time, the cross-platform search enables users to search the collection of reviews of both recensio.regio and simultaneously.

The Bavarian State Library guarantees to enhance the reviews with metadata, link them to the shared library catalogue of Bavaria, Berlin and Brandenburg (attached to the indivudual books reviewed), and provide long-term archival archving.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? We look forward to hearing from you.