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All texts supplied on recensio.regio are protected by copyright. Unlawful use, reproduction or disclosure of any content will be prosecuted according to penal as well as civil law.

Reviews from co-operating historical journals (available here as pdf files) are subject to the German Copyright Act.

Texts may be downloaded and/or printed for non-commercial purposes. Further usage without permission by the rights owner is only permitted in line with the legal limitations on copyright (§§ 44a-63a UrhG).

The texts (reviews, comments) do not necessarily express the opinion of the operator and the editorial staff. Each author is responsible for the content of his/her text as well as for the compliance with copyright and intellectual property protection.

See our user guidelines for all measures taken by the editorial team in order to maintain scholarly quality or an appropriate tone and to prevent any misuse of the comment function.

You may link to the website of recensio.regio and we also encourage this practice. In this case please use the logo prepared here or consult the editorial team.

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