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Zeitschrift für Württembergische Landesgeschichte

The "Journal for Württemberg Regional History" contains articles and reviews on general history as well as on regional and local history, including neighbouring disciplines.


The Journal for Württemberg Regional History [Zeitschrift für Württembergische Landesgeschichte (ZWLG)] has been published since 1937. It usually contains 15-20 articles and on average 100 reviews on legal, constitutional and territorial history, on economic and social history, but also on the history of art, on cultural, education and church history. Its regional focus lies on the territories Württemberg and Hohenzollern.

With a time lag of two years to the print edition (so currently starting with vol. 2013), the ZWLG is also offered online as a full text at the Baden Württemberg Online Archive (BOA). Online availabe are both entire volumes as well as single articles which are linked to the online catalogues of both regional libraries, to the SWB, the KVK and the regional bibliography of Baden-Württemberg.


  • Editor
    Kommission für geschichtliche Landeskunde in Baden-Württemberg KdöR and Württembergischer Geschichts- und Altertumsverein e.V.
  • Publisher
    Kommissionsverlag W. Kohlhammer
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Prof. Dr. Peter Rückert
c/o Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 4
70173 Stuttgart

E-Mail: peter.rueckert(AT)


Table of Contents from vol. 63 (2004):

82 (2023)

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80 (2021)

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79 (2020)

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78 (2019)

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77 (2018)

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76 (2017)

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