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Zeitschrift für Hohenzollerische Geschichte

The "Journal for Hohenzollern History" publishes articles on history and regional studies of the former Hohenzollern Lands and their neighbouring territories. In a review section, new publications on the history of the southwest German area are presented.

Cover Journal for Hohenzollern History

The Zeitschrift für Hohenzollerische Geschichte (ZHG) [Journal for Hohenzollern History] has been given to members of the Hohenzollerischer Geschichtsverein [Hohenzollern History Association] free of charge since 1965. It was preceded by the Mitt(h)eilungen des Vereins für Geschichte und Altert(h)umskunde in Hohenzollern [Notes of the Association for History and Archaeology in Hohenzollern] 1 (1868) - 63 (1932) and the Hohenzollerische Jahreshefte des Vereins für Geschichte, Kultur und Landeskunde Hohenzollerns [Hohenzollern Yearbooks for History, Culture and Regional Studies of Hohenzollern] 1 (1934) - 24 (1964).

The ZHG can be purchased by non-members at a price of 24,- Euros each (36,- Euros in case of a double edition).

The entire journal is also available online for specific volumes:,106,106.html or


  • Editor/Publisher
    Hohenzollerischer Geschichtsverein e.V., Sigmaringen
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  • Publisher
    annually; previously double editions


Articles and Reviews:

Dr. Andreas Zekorn
Kreisarchiv Zollernalbkreis
Hirschbergstraße 29
72336 Balingen

Tel.: 07433/92-1145
Fax: 07433/92-1666


Dr. Volker Trugenberger
Hohenzollerischer Geschichtsverein e.V.
Karlstr. 1+3
72488 Sigmaringen

Tel.: 0176/8840 6540 (Tuesdays 9-11:30 am)
Fax: 07571/101-552


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