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Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte

The "Journal for Bavarian History" is the central forum for discussion of the Bavarian historical research in its regional, national and European context.

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The Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte (ZBLG) [Journal for Bavarian History] was founded in 1928. It publishes fundamental studies on settlement history, toponymy and the manorial system, on political history, individual epochs and individuums of the Bavarian development. The more recent volumes contain to an increasing degree special issues which pool articles on selected aspects of current research. Every year, a detailed review section tries to picture current research activities in the field of Bavarian history and the neighbouring territories.

The Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte considers itself also as an organ of the editing institutions, particularly the Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte [Commission for Bavarian History]. Therefore, it regularly documents the Commission's annual reports as well as biographical news concerning its members.

The Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte publishes its reviews first as pre-prints on the review portal of the Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte (

After printing, the reviews are additionally made available on recensio-regio. For legal reasons, a small part of the reviews cannot be displayed online. Complete review sections of volumes further back are available and searchable in the online edition of the journal within the Bayerische Landesbibliothek online [Bavarian Regional Library Online] (


  • Editors
    Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften with Gesellschaft für fränkische Geschichte and Schwäbische Forschungsgemeinschaft
  • Publisher
    C. H. Beck
  • ISSN
    0044-2364 (each issue is assigned an individual ISBN)
  • Publication Frequency
    three issues per year



Dr. Claudia Schwaab
Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte
Alfons-Goppel-Str. 11
80539 München



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