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Zeitschrift des Bergischen Geschichtsvereins

The "Journal of the Bergisch Historical Association" (ZBGV) deals with the history of the Bergisch Land, the territory of the formery duchy Berg and its neighbouring territories.

The Journal of the Bergisch Historical Association [Zeitschrift des Bergischen Geschichtsvereins] (ZBGV) has been published since 1863. It publishes works on the region of the Bergisch Land and on its neighbouring territories, but also on single villages, towns or parts of the region.

According to the associations's purpose, the article section of the journal is committed to scientific methods and issues. Furthermore, every volume contains an extensive review section as well as reports on the association's work, refering to the activities of the board, the department of preservation of historical monuments and the association's various other departments.

The current issue and older volumes can be obtained from the association's office:

  • Editor
    Scientific Commission of the Bergisch Historical Association [Wissenschaftliche Kommission des Bergischen Geschichtsvereins],
    Stefan Gorißen
  • Publisher
    Verlag für Regionalgeschichte, Bielefeld
  • ISSN
    0067-5792 (each volume is assigned an individual ISBN)
  • Publication Frequency
    every two years

Dr. Stefan Gorißen


104 (2012-2016)

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