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Westfälische Forschungen

“Westphalian Research” gives an overview on a recent topic and on current research from the area of Westphalian regional history.

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Westfälische Forschungen (WF) [Westphalian Research] is the journal of the Institute for Westphalian Regional history of the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL), that appears once every year. The “WF” conceives itself as an organ for scholarly publications reflecting historical topics, perspectives and methods of modern regional history. The broad thematic spectrum extends from the early modern period to contemporary history. In existence for more than 80 years the periodical since 1989 contains an article section, where authors from different fields elaborate set focus themes. In addition thematically open contributions, annual reports of the scholarly commissions of the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe as well as a vast section of scholarly and conference reports constitute the journal’s regular repertoire. Each annual volume contains an extensive review section as well as a recent overview on studies and articles on the regional history of Westphalia and its neighbouring regions published in other journals.

The Westfälische Forschungen and the other publications by the Institute for Westphalian Regional history are regularly available in bookshops.

On recensio.regio we publish the reviews from every penultimate volume.

  • Editors
    Edited by Thomas Küster and Malte Thießen on behalf of the LWL-Institute for Westphalian Regional history
  • Publisher
    Aschendorff Publishers, Münster
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    Each volume receives its own ISBN.
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