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Wertheimer Jahrbuch

The "Wertheim Yearbook" is the central periodical on regional history in the border region between the historical landscapes Baden and Franconia.

Cover Wertheimer Jahrbuch 2019-2020

The first edition of the Wertheimer Jahrbuch [Wertheim Yearbook] appeared in 1905. One year earlier, the Wertheim Historical Society [Historischer Verein Wertheim] (at that time still Old-Wertheim) had been founded. From the beginning the Society successfully worked towards a journal that was constantly evolving in terms of its scope and content. Apart from an interruption between 1940 and 1946 due to the Second World War, the journal appeared almost annually up to the volume 1963/64 (published 1970). After another interruption due to internal difficulties the foundation of the Wertheim State Archives [Staatsarchiv Wertheim] in 1978 led to the revitalization of the "Wertheim Yearbook", which has been continuously self-published by the Wertheim Historical Society ever since and whose editorial responsability now traditionally lies in the hands of the respective directorate of the Wertheim State Archives.

The Wertheimer Jahrbuch containes contributions on the history of the City of Wertheim as well as on the former Imperial County of Wertheim. While the works published in the older volumes cling to a more local patriotic approach, the current studies have a regional historical profile and are committed to the principles of scientific work. Occasionally even current topics come into focus. In addition to the essay section the Wertheimer Jahrbuch contains book reviews or announcements and reports on the activities of the Wertheim Historical Society.

  • Editor
    Historischer Verein Wertheim in collaboration with Staatsarchiv Wertheim
  • Publisher
    Self-published by Historischer Verein Wertheim e.V.
  • ISSN
    ISSN 0511-4926
  • Publication Frequency
    usually annually


Historischer Verein Wertheim e.V.
c/o Archivverbund Main-Tauber
Bronnbach 19
97877 Wertheim


Telephone: +49-(0)9342-91592-13



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