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Oldenburger Jahrbuch

The "Oldenburg Yearbook" has been published since 1892, first as "Yearbook for the History of the Duchy Oldenburg", since 1915 using the current title. Today, it deals with the areas history, history of art, archaeology and nature studies.


The Oldenburger Jahrbuch [Oldenburg Yearbook] is an anthology on regional studies of the former Duchy and later Free State of Oldenburg. The contributions published in the Yearbook concerning the areas of history, history of art, archaeology and nature studies are the work of scholars and qualified laypersons.

The Oldenburger Jahrbuch has been published with various titles since 1892; during the war and post-war years some volumes were cancelled, so that the counting has reached volume 118 in 2018.


  • Editor
    Oldenburger Landesverein für Geschichte, Natur- und Heimatkunde e.V.
  • Publisher
    Isensee Verlag, Oldenburg
  • ISSN
    0340-4447 (each volume is assigned an individual ISBN)
  • Publication Frequency
    annually in November

Jürgen Herold
Oldenburger Landesverein
Damm 41
26135 Oldenburg

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119 (2019)

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118 (2018)

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