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Oberbayerisches Archiv

The journal "Oberbayerisches Archiv", edited by the Historical Association of Upper Bavaria, has been published since 1839. It deals exclusively with topics pertaining to Upper Bavarian history and art history.


When the Historischer Verein von Oberbayern [Historical Association of Upper Bavaria] (founded in 1837) first edited its journal Oberbayerisches Archiv für vaterländische Geschichte [Upper Bavarian Archive for Patriotic History] - today Oberbayerisches Archiv [Upper Bavarian Archive] -, it was the beginning of a publication series that continues until today. It remains the only scholarly journal dealing exclusively with topics related to Upper Bavaria. The articles published so far constitute an enormous compendium on Upper Bavarian history and the history of art, to which the most notable authors have contributed.

Today, the Oberbayerisches Archiv is published as a yearbook. In addition to articles, it contains a review section and provides information about internal matters of the Historischer Verein.

The entire index of the current yearbook, always up-to-date, can be found on the homepage of the Historischer Verein:
All articles published open access since 1.1839 are fully referenced in the Bavarian Union Catalogue.

The Oberbayerisches Archiv can be purchased in any German book shop. Members of the association receive the yearbook free of charge.


  • Editor
    Brigitte Huber for the Historischer Verein von Oberbayern
  • Publisher
    Verlag des Historischen Vereins von Oberbayern (Stadtarchiv München)
  • ISSN
    0342-1686 (each volume is assigned an individual ISBN)
  • Publication Frequency


Dr. Brigitte Huber
Historischer Verein von Oberbayern
Winzererstr. 68
80797 München

phone + 49 (0)89 / 233-30842 26 06-0


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