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Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch

The "Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch" has been published since 1961. It ranks among the leading academic journals of regional history in the region Rhine-Moselle-Saar.


The traditional title Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch [Trier Electorate Yearbook], which dates back to the foundation of the journal in 1961, refers to the old archdiocese of Trier respectively to the secular Electorate of Trier [Trèves]. The territory of which extended along the Moselle from Luxembourg into the area on the right bank of the Rhine, being surrounded by the neighbouring dominions in Eifel and Hunsrück.

Since its beginnings, the journal has been open to topics in the wide range of history and culture in geographic, temporal and especially content-related terms. The Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch today belongs to the most important publication organs of regional history in the region Rhine-Moselle-Saar.

The editorial staff for the article section is located at the city library, the editoral staff of the review section at the Chair of Regional History at the University of Trier.

  • Editors
    Stadtbibliothek Trier [City Library of Trier], Verein Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch e.V. [Association Trier Electorate Yearbook], Bistumsarchiv Trier [Diocesan Archives of Trier], Gesellschaft für nützliche Forschungen zu Trier e.V. [Society for Useful Research at Trier]
  • Publisher
    Verlag für Geschichte und Kultur
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Prof. Dr. Michael Embach
Stadtbibliothek Trier
Weberbach 25
54290 Trier



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