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Jahrbuch für brandenburgische Landesgeschichte

The "Yearbook for Brandenburg Regional History" deals with the history of the March of Brandenburg as a self-contained region from the Middle Ages until the Present.


The Jahrbuch für brandenburgische Landesgeschichte [Yearbook for Brandenburg Regional History] is the only supra-regional journal of its kind. It examines the history of the March of Brandenburg as a period in its own right instead of as a predecessor of Prussian history. It deals with the beginnings and the development of the Kurmark [Electoral March] as well as the Niederlausitz, including territories that historically belonged to Brandenburg such as the Altmark [Old March] west of the river Elbe and the Neumark [New March] east of the river Oder.

The editors cooperate with the Brandenburgische Historische Kommission [Brandenburg Historical Commission] as well as with various associations dedicated to local history and the preservation of historical monuments. Aimed at the general reader, but at the same time based on scholarly grounds, the Jahrbuch takes into consideration the increase of public interest in historical questions with its wide range of themes from the Middle Ages up until the Present. Current reviews and a regularly published bibliography round off the Jahrbuch.

Content: About 8 to 10 articles on a wide variety of subjects and eras of Brandenburg regional history; also on the history of art, of science, settlement history etc.; about 20 book reviews; Bibliography of new publications; Activity reports of the Landesgeschichtliche Vereinigung für die Mark Brandenburg [Regional Historical Association of the March Brandenburg] and of regional historical commissions and institutions.


  • Editors
    Peter Bahl, Clemens Bergstedt, Felix Engel and Frank Göse
    for the Landesgeschichtliche Vereinigung für die Mark Brandenburg
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Dr. des. Felix Engel
Kreuzstraße 4
01968 Schipkau OT Hörlitz



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