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Geschichte in Köln. Zeitschrift für Stadt- und Regionalgeschichte

The journal “History in Cologne” was founded in 1977 as a student journal based at the history department of the University of Cologne. Since releasing its first small volume in April 1978, the journal has become an important forum for topics related to local and regional history.

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The main focus of the articles is the history of the city of Cologne and the regional and local history of the Rhineland in general. Since 1995, Geschichte in Köln [History in Cologne] has carried the subtitle “Journal for Local and Regional History”, adding to a more defined profile in terms of content. The journal also addresses important topics, methodological questions and recent research approaches in history as a broader discipline. From issue 48 (2001) onwards, the journal has increasingly been engaging with the field of comparative local history.

In addition to an extensive section on research-related articles, Geschichte in Köln contains a large number of reviews, miscellaneous short texts, literature reviews and reports on conferences and ongoing research projects.

The journal has been published by Böhlau since 2012. Back issues are still available.

The reviews are published on recensio.regio following a moving wall of 12 months.


  • Editors
    Thomas Deres, Christian Hillen, Michael Kaiser, Martin Kröger, Stefan Lewejohann, Georg Mölich, Joachim Oepen, Wolfgang Rosen, Lars Wirtler, Stefan Wunsch in cooperation with Freunde und Förderer des Kölnischen Stadtmuseums e.V.
  • Publisher
    0720-3659 (each volume is assigned an individual ISBN)
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Geschichte in Köln. Zeitschrift für Stadt- und Regionalgeschichte
c/o Stefan Wunsch M.A.
Franz-Denhovenstraße 51
50735 Cologne